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"Being in such close proximity to my Rebbeim all the time has allowed me to have a much more personal relationship with them. Whether it was an Oneg on Friday night or eating a Shabbos meal together, the Rebbeim always make time for you."

-- Beis Medrash Talmid

"The amount of energy that my Rebbeim and teachers put in to ensure that every student can succeed is truly remarkable. I am confident that they will provide me the skills to be successful in my future career and to live life like a true Ben Torah."


-- High School Student 

"As a parent trying out a new school, I did not know what to expect. After four years, I am comfortable saying that I am thrilled to have sent my son to TTB. The warm and dedicated staff allowed my son to grow to his full potential."

-- Parent of a Graduate

A Day in the Life of a
TTB Talmid



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