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At TTB, we offer an outstanding Judaic Studies Program with the objectives of imparting knowledge, instilling a love of learning and developing a high moral character.

The major focus of our Limudei Kodesh program is the intensive study of Gemara and classical meforshim. The primary objective is to develop the language, critical thinking, and reasoning skills necessary for sophisticated learning. Under the guidance of the Rebbe, talmidim are encouraged to carefully and thoroughly examine the text and dialogue of the Gemara, Rashi, and Tosfos. The shiurim are challenging and highly interactive, so that talmidim are stimulated and involved, and encouraged to exercise their own intellect in the learning process.

Our Rabbeim place a strong emphasis on the talmid’s character development; focusing on fundamental mussar concepts such as human dignity, derech eretz, honesty, humility, self-esteem and responsibility to Klal Yisroel. These values play a vital role in all areas of development, including one’s growth in learning, one’s understanding of himself, one’s ability to confront the challenges of life and appreciation of the richness and beauty of Yiddishkeit. The program includes shiurim based on the classical mussar works, open Hashkafa discussions, weekly shmuessin, and shiurim in Chumash where these principles are identified and elucidated.

In addition, we offer courses in Chumash, with the objective of inspiring a love and appreciation for the study of Torah Sh’bichsav with meforshim.  We also offer courses in Halacha with the dual goal of the students achieving a mastery of the practical laws of everyday living, while at the same time becoming fluent in the reading and understanding of the Mishnah Berurah.

We are confident that, iy”h, with this comprehensive Torah education we will develop a well-rounded, self-aware Ben Torah who has a genuine love for Hashem, His Torah and His people.

Yeshiva Tiferes Torah emphasizes a rigorous academic general studies program that focuses on the development of multiple competencies for a rich engagement with modern culture and technology. English composition is viewed as a high priority, with an understanding that students will need to learn to write effectively to be successful in their future careers. 

Students at TTB are also taught communication skills in digital media that are necessary for business and academic achievement.


History lessons concentrate on the importance of understanding the broader cultural themes that have shaped modern American society, as well as the economic and intellectual trends that shape our increasingly global reality.


Mathematics, the core of STEM education, receives special attention, encouraging each student to master the skills necessary for advancement in careers related to engineering, computer science and many other fields.

Our science curriculum places weight on the fundamental concepts of scientific thinking, with a view to applications in modern biotechnology.  Our Biology Courses endeavor to create a rich learning environment in the sciences that challenge and promote scientific knowledge, understanding, and exploration.

With this well-rounded program, every TTB student will be empowered with the skills necessary to further his education in the finest institutions of higher learning.




The Yeshiva’s extracurricular activities are designed to provide a wonderful avenue for the boys to relax, have a good time and to build on the comradery that develops during the school day. The Yeshiva’s basketball court and ping-pong table are used throughout the day, and the grassy areas provide ample room for football games. The Friday afternoon Enrichment Program often consists of a sporting activity and our Motzei Shabbos sports and recreational activities are well-attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

In addition to the benefits of physical activity and good, old-fashioned fun, many of the activities are geared to helping develop a close Rebbe-Talmid bond, which flourishes in a more relaxed atmosphere.  The frequent Onegim at Rabbeim’s homes, Melava Malkas and the Rosh Chodesh Mesibas are incomparable venues for opening channels of communication and fostering relationships that iy”H will last a lifetime.

The Bais Medrash Bochurim are constant and most valued participants in nearly all of our extracurricular activities, adding a unique dimension as “Big Brothers” and serving as role models to whom the boys look up and emulate.  


With over 30 post high school boys engaged in full time Torah study, our Bais Medrash division is an important part of our TTB family. The spirit and energy that emanate from the bachurim help generate the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm that permeates the atmosphere of the Yeshiva. The boys' growth is enhanced by regular Shiurim, Mussar shmuessen, Vaadim, Onegs and Melave Malkas, which also help to foster serious and meaningful Keshorim between the boys and their Rebbeim. All these efforts enable the Bais Medrash boys to attain the skills and direction that will Be"h enable them to live their lives as genuine Ovdei Hashem, and to go on to impact others in a positive way.

The Bais Medrash has a very strong positive impact on the high school. With much opportunity for both casual interaction and official learning Sedorim, the Mesivta boys benefit greatly from the friendship and guidance that the older boys provide. The nurturing warmth of the TTB experience can be largely attributed to the close feeling of camaraderie between the high school and Bais Medrash divisions.

In addition, the Bais Medrash boys have become a noticeable part of the Boca Raton community. With regular night Sedorim in all three of the neighborhood shuls, and with the boys enjoying many Shabbos meals by various families, the boys have formed strong relationships with members of the community, young and old. This is a great experience for the boys, and it enhances the Torah atmosphere of the Boca Raton community.

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