The Yeshiva’s extracurricular activities are designed to provide a wonderful avenue for the boys to relax, have a good time and to build on the comradery that develops during the school day. The Yeshiva’s basketball court and ping-pong table are used throughout the day, and the grassy areas provide ample room for football games. The Friday afternoon Enrichment Program often consists of a sporting activity and our Motzei Shabbos sports and recreational activities are well-attended and thoroughly enjoyed.

In addition to the benefits of physical activity and good, old-fashioned fun, many of the activities are geared to helping develop a close Rebbe-Talmid bond, which flourishes in a more relaxed atmosphere.  The frequent Onegim at Rabbeim’s homes, Melava Malkas and the Rosh Chodesh Mesibas are incomparable venues for opening channels of communication and fostering relationships that iy”H will last a lifetime.

The Bais Medrash Bochurim are constant and most valued participants in nearly all of our extracurricular activities, adding a unique dimension as “Big Brothers” and serving as role models to whom the boys look up and emulate.  




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