7:30 AM Shacharis

8:20 AM Mishna Berura Seder (8:30 AM Monday and Thursday)

8:50 AM Breakfast (9:00 AM on Monday and Thursday)

9:30 AM Iyun Seder (9:40 AM on Monday and Thursday)

11:15 AM Shiur for 3rd Year

12:15 PM Shiur for 1st and 2nd Year

12:55 PM Shmuz (Wednesday, each Shiur 20 minutes earlier)

1:15 PM Lunch

2:45 PM Mincha

3:00 PM Mussar Seder

3:15 PM Mussar Groups with Rebbeim; Monday for everyone, Wednesday for 1st Year)

3:20 PM Chazaras HaShmuz (Thursday) 3:30 PM Beki’us Seder (3:45 PM on Monday; 3:50 PM on Thursday)

6:00 PM Chofetz Chaim Seder (Monday) 6:00 PM Chofetz Chaim Seder (Wednesday) 6:10 PM Chazaras HaShmuz of Shabbos (Sunday)

6:30 PM Supper

7:30 PM Night Seder (Sunday/Monday/Tuesday in YIBR; Wednesday in BRS; Thursday in BJC)

10:00 PM Maariv (10:20 PM on Thursday) 10:30 PM Question and Answer Session in Yeshiva (Tuesday)

10:50 PM Mussar Vaad in Yeshiva (Thursday)

FRIDAY End 12:00 PM or 12:30 PM (Depending on Early or Later Shabbosim)


Daily Schedule


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Boca Raton FL 33433

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