Bais Medrash

With over 30 post high school boys engaged in full time Torah study, our Bais Medrash division is an important part of our TTB family. The spirit and energy that emanate from the bachurim help generate the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm that permeates the atmosphere of the Yeshiva. The boys' growth is enhanced by regular Shiurim, Mussar shmuessen, Vaadim, Onegs and Melave Malkas, which also help to foster serious and meaningful Keshorim between the boys and their Rebbeim. All these efforts enable the Bais Medrash boys to attain the skills and direction that will Be"h enable them to live their lives as genuine Ovdei Hashem, and to go on to impact others in a positive way.

The Bais Medrash has a very strong positive impact on the high school. With much opportunity for both casual interaction and official learning Sedorim, the Mesivta boys benefit greatly from the friendship and guidance that the older boys provide. The nurturing warmth of the TTB experience can be largely attributed to the close feeling of camaraderie between the high school and Bais Medrash divisions.

In addition, the Bais Medrash boys have become a noticeable part of the Boca Raton community. With regular night Sedorim in all three of the neighborhood shuls, and with the boys enjoying many Shabbos meals by various families, the boys have formed strong relationships with members of the community, young and old. This is a great experience for the boys, and it enhances the Torah atmosphere of the Boca Raton community.


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